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Thursday будут помогать медработникам

Вторник, 7 Апреля 2020 12:44 MSK

Thursday анонсировали через свои соцсети что будут перепрофилировать свой мерч в маски для медработников которые в данный момент борются с пандемией коронавируса.

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Last week we announced that we had started the process of turning appropriate stock merchandise from our web store into fabric face masks for frontline medical workers and essential personnel and said that further information about how you can all help would follow later in the week. Here are those details: we have pulled stock from our web store and, today, we are shipping them to various grassroots organizations in NJ who will convert them into ‘fabric’ face masks to assist the frontline workers. Thank you to NJ Maskmakers and FaceMaskWarriors for everything you are doing for our community. Since so many people have written us to ask for one of the “Thursday t-shirt face masks” we have also decided on a second tier of mask-making effort: These dove branded masks will be sold starting Wednesday (1pm EST) in our web-store (link in bio) - 100% of the proceeds from these will go to producing more masks. If you buy one then a minimum of two 'factory' masks (and even more when we scale) will be donated to one of the NY/NJ area hospitals. We have also come up with a couple of isolation related items (jigsaws / playing cards / candles) that will hopefully help relieve the boredom and try and cultivate some sense of distraction, fun and irony! All new items will be sold based on pre-orders for a period of 10 days before we manufacture and send to you. If we don’t reach a minimum order requirement on a specific item then we will simply issue refunds! We hope that this approach can bring a smile to some faces, while providing some masks for essential workers. Finally, In a bit of lighter personal news: Thursday welcomed a new family member into the fold last week. Congratulations to our drummer, Tucker, on the birth of his daughter - Birdie! Stay home, stay safe, stay true. Love, Thursday

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